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Brian Hanson, sometimes referred to as the Site Promotion Coach, has been a leading figure in website marketing, promotion and natural search engine optimization (SEO) for over a decade.

He has been working in website promotion, affiliate marketing, and SEO since 1998.

Over the years, he has built hundreds of websites that have attracted millions of site visitors.

While his first 15 years in this business were spent on internet marketing at the national level as an SEO specialist, he now puts in a certain amount of time working with smaller local companies in helping them promote their businesses.

Out of his Bellingham, WA office, he helps small companies develop and implement an effective web strategy for their growing business.

This strategy could include website building, site editing and improvements, and all of the aspects involved with successfully promoting a small business website, from site content writing to off-site promotional activities such as writing and submitting press releases; starting and managing critical social media accounts; and developing company citations and link mentions at other websites.

His marketing philosophy is that your website should be a tool to increase the number of clients or customers you have and it should help grow your business faster than any other tool in your toolbox.

He’s a nice guy too.

He might be a great asset to have on your side.

It doesn’t cost anything to find out.

photo of Brian Hanson Site Promotion Coach
Brian Hanson

Site Promotion Coach
Ferndale, WA

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