Small Business Marketing & Anacortes WA SEO Firm

Like you, we are a small Western Washington company. We design and promote websites for other small companies in Whatcom County, Skagit County and around the state.

What Kind of Work Do We Do?

Our work is focused on promoting your business on the Web.

Most of the time, our work involves promoting your business website. But for those companies that still haven’t gotten around to getting a website up yet, we can still get them more new customers, even if they don’t have a website.

The common marketing problem that lots of small business owners experience is that not enough people know about their company’s services.

We change that. We work to increase the number of prospective customers who learn about your business and how your services can help them.

Why Should You Call Us?

  • Affordable monthly rates — plus you can pick your service level.
  • We’ll always tell you the straight facts.
  • We’ve got experience — we began doing this in 1999.
  • Total flexibility — change your monthly plan whenever you want.
  • No contract to sign — and you can pause or stop any time.
  • We’re local — Why work with one of those fancy Vancouver or Seattle firms?
  • We play it safe with your business — no risky tactics.
  • We treat your business just like it’s our business

What Will This Cost?

Most Washington SEO companies ask for a high upfront charge and a substantial monthly fee. We don’t have an upfront charge or a high monthly minimum for our services.

You decide on the budget. You decide how many hours a month you want to spend on this. You can order just one hour a month if you want.

Once you decide what you are willing to spend, we examine your business and prioritize what should be done first. We start working on the most important duties on the list first and get them done. Then we move on to the next.

You only pay for the time when we are actually working on your behalf. You don’t pay for administrative duties or phone time. I mean, we’re not lawyers. You pay only for the work that produces results.

How Do Most WA SEO Services Work?

Most big Vancouver and Seattle SEO companies try to get as much money as they can at the beginning. Most of their deals have contracts. Many of these arrangements start out okay, but they don’t always end okay. Most of those deals end as soon as the contract is up.

We’re not saying there is anything wrong with this way of doing business. And we’re not saying those bigger firms don’t do a good job.

We just think those types of plans don’t work too well for most small businesses.

Most small businesses would rather spend less every month, and be able to have a steady and affordable online marketing operation long into the future. They want a plan that builds their business slowly and consistently. A plan that is easy to budget for and doesn’t cause a big spike in costs or just a temporary spike in customer interest.

Our Company Background

Maybe you’re not interested very much, but back in 1999, I started building small websites and making money through affiliate marketing on the Web.

Brian Hanson - Anacortes SEO ExpertWhen you’re working at affiliate marketing, you have to generate a big amount of Internet traffic, or you won’t make any money.

I got lucky, I figured out how to generate lots of traffic..

I discovered that if you build and test a lot of different websites every day, month after month, year after year, even a guy like me will end up learning quite a bit.

While I still have a slimmed-down version of that affiliate marketing business, these days I like meeting with local business owners in order to work on their marketing strategy. My focus is to improve their online customer lead generation process.

My work might involve building a new website for them or improving their existing website’s search engine rankings.

So if your small business needs a more effective website, I will build one.

I will build a simple and clean website that strongly promotes your business’s key benefits and services. The site will explain why it makes sense for the customer to do business with you. This new site will attract and convert casual visitors into new customers or clients.

This site will convince curious visitors to pick up the phone. Most of the time, getting the phone call or email is the primary goal for your website.

So if you have a good site already, you are in a great position. I will help you get even more visitors to it.

And don’t be worried about those shady tactics that some SEO guys do which Google disapproves of. I stay clear of those. And so should you. All of the online and search engine optimization work we do takes advantage of solely trusted and time-tested methods. We don’t do any risky stuff.

Examples of the type of work we might do includes website writing or editing, off-site article writing, review building, citation authoring, quality link building and company reputation management.

And if you’re worried about someone new having access to your website, in most situations we can promote your business without needing to access your current website at all.

If you already have a solid site, we will usually do all of our work without asking for any access to your website. We won’t need to change it. Our attention will be focused on the third-party elements that impact how the search engines rank your site.

This approach may be all your site needs in order to rank better and get the attention of more customers.

Anacortes SEO Consultant

It’s not a bad idea to take some time and consider your options before hiring any Western Washington SEO company.

Let’s be honest, there are some big SEO firms with fancy conference rooms down in Seattle and up in Vancouver. You have options.

But be careful with who you work with. There are a few guys out there that will take unnecessary chances with your website. They will be more reckless with the tactics they employ with your site than what I am comfortable with.

And the benefits of these risky tactics sometimes work at first, but they are almost always short-lived. Questionable tactics can end up harming how Google views your site.

It isn’t worth it. You don’t want to risk your reputation with Google.

Your website and business name are important to you. We won’t carry out search engine optimization tactics that the search engines would frown upon. Even if you lose the battle, you need to live to fight another day.

We will work on your site with the same level of respect that we give to our own sites.

Where Exactly Are We?

We are based just a bit northeast of Anacortes up near Bellingham, WA.

If it works out to be convenient for both of us, it’s possible we could get together and talk about your business and what you want to do.

But it’s not really necessary we actually meet in person. We both understand how to use the phone and email. They work pretty good.

Let’s Get Great Search Engine Rankings

When a Western Skagit County resident is looking at their smartphone or computer trying to find a business that offers exactly the kind of services you offer, you want your site to be one of those sites that shows up on their screen.

We’ve been doing this kind of work for more than a decade. We can do this job for you.

Let’s Talk Contracts

We don’t ask you to sign a contract. We think a handshake is good enough.

You still get to be the boss. You pick a monthly budget that works for you. Plus, you can change it at any time.

What Happens Now

We talk on the phone. We find out if we are a good fit for each other. If we come to an agreement, we will start working to get your business more phone calls and leads.

And while we are doing your Web marketing chores for you, you get to concentrate on performing the main functions of your business. It’s that simple.

Remember, we treat your site with the same care we use on our own sites.

Let’s Talk