Business Marketing & SEO in Blaine & Birch Bay

We are a small Washington State SEO company. We build and promote the websites of other small businesses in Whatcom County and Western Washington.

What Can We Do For You?

Well, our service is pretty simple — We promote your business online.

Most of the time, our work involves promoting a company’s website. But for companies who still haven’t put together a website yet, we have our own web properties we can use to send our clients more new customers.

The single biggest marketing problem most small businesses face is they simply do not have enough new people finding out about their company’s services.

We change that. We increase the number of new and prospective customers that become aware of your business and the services you offer.

Why Team Up With Us?

  • We’re local — Why work with a Big Seattle or Vancouver firm?
  • We are always gonna tell you the truth.
  • We’ve got the experience — we started doing this back in 1999.
  • No contract to sign — you can stop or change at any time.
  • We play it safe — no risky SEO methods.
  • Affordable rates — you decide how much you want to spend.
  • We treat your business like it’s our business
  • We’re totally flexible — change your plan anytime you want.

What About the Cost?

Most Washington SEO companies ask a high set-up charge and a high monthly fee. We do not have any set-up fee and our monthly cost is variable.

It’s simple. We charge by the hour. You decide how many hours a month you need. You can even buy just one hour a month. If you don’t have someone doing this type of work for you, even just one hour a month will bring results.

To start with, we examine your business and prioritize what needs to be done. Then we start on the most important tasks on the list and work on getting them done.

You only pay for the hours of work that are actually productive. You don’t pay for any administrative chores or phone time. We’re not lawyers. You pay only for the actual work that produces results.

How Do WA SEO Services Work?

Most big Vancouver and Seattle SEO companies say they need a big chunk of change up front in order to work with you. And they try to get as much as they can each month for as many months as they can. Most of them have good salespeople.

Most of their deals require contracts. Many of these deals start out promising, but they don’t end too well. Most of those arrangements end just as soon as the contract expires.

Now, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with the way these firms work. And I’m certainly not saying those firms don’t do a fine job.

However, I think those types of plans don’t work well for most small businesses.

Most small businesses would prefer having a steady and affordable online marketing plan. This plan would build their business slowly and consistently, month after month. It would be easy to budget for. It wouldn’t result in a sudden increase in costs or a temporary spike in customer requests that can’t be fulfilled.

A Little About My Background

You are probably not interested, but back before 2000, I started building small websites and making money through online affiliate marketing.

Brian Hanson - Blaine and Birch Bay SEO ExpertIn order to be successful in affiliate marketing, you have to generate a lot of Internet traffic. If you can’t, you will simply go out of business.

I got lucky, I figured out how to get lots of traffic.

And by putting together and testing large numbers of websites day after day, year after year, even a stubborn guy like me ends up learning quite a bit.

I still have an affiliate marketing business in 2016, but these days I really like meeting with local business owners in order to help improve their marketing strategy.

I work to improve their online customer lead generation process.

The type of work I undertake might include building a new website or improving an existing website’s search engine rankings. Even a little bit of the right kind of work can deliver big results.

Let’s Talk About It

So if your business needs a website, I will build you one.

I will put together a simple website that effectively promotes your business’s key services and explains why it makes sense for folks around Blaine and Birch Bay to do business with you. This new website will attract and convert casual viewers into new clients or customers.

It will convince curious viewers to pick up the phone or send off an email. Getting that phone call or email is the end goal of this new site.

Of course, if you already have a nice site, you are a step ahead. What I will do is I will help you get even more visitors to it every week.

Are you worried about online marketers using tactics that Google will disapprove of? You don’t have to worry about that with us. All of the online marketing and search engine optimization work we do utilizes trusted and time-tested methods. We don’t do any risky tactics.

We can do a variety of tasks, including website writing or editing, article writing, citation authoring, review building, link building and reputation management.

Usually, we can effectively promote your business without needing to change your current website.

If you already have a good site, we can usually do our work without needing any access to your website at all. We won’t need to mess with it or change anything about it. Our work will be done on the elements outside of your website that impact how your site ranks in the search engines.

This off-page approach is most likely all your site needs to rank better and attract more new customers.

Blaine and Birch Bay WA SEO Consultant

Why don’t you take some time and consider all your options before hiring any Western Washington SEO service.

To be sure, there are some fancy and talented SEO firms up across the border and down in Seattle. But you might also end up getting in touch with one or two that could take some unnecessary chances with your website. And some of them might be more reckless with your site than what I would be.

Sometimes firms use tactics and software tools I am uncomfortable with. Sometimes these tactics appear to be working, but the benefits of these risky tactics are almost always temporary. There are certain things that Google and Bing don’t want you to do. Questionable tactics can end up harming your site’s reputation with Google.

It isn’t worth it. Don’t risk your site’s reputation with Google.

We know your business and website are important to you. We won’t do any search engine optimization that the search engines would disagree with.

We treat your site with the same level of respect that we give to our own sites.

Where Do We Live?

We are based just south of Birch Bay in Ferndale, WA.

If we can work it out, maybe we could get together at Wood’s or a Starbucks and talk about what’s going on with your business.

Of course, it’s not really necessary we meet in person. We both know how to use the phone and email. That’s really all we need.

You Can Get Great Search Engine Rankings

When someone is on their phone or computer looking for a business in Whatcom County that offers the kind of services you offer, you want your business to be one of those sites that show up in those search results.

We’ve been doing this type of thing for over a decade. Just let us do it for you.

There is No Contract

We don’t need you to sign a written contract. Your word and handshake is good enough.

You control the agreement. You pick the monthly budget that works for you. You can change it at any time.

Here’s How it Works

We discuss it on the phone or in person. We let you know if we think we can help. If we decide to work together, our job becomes getting your business more phone calls and sales leads.

We concentrate on doing your Web marketing duties; you concentrate on doing the rest of your business. That’s pretty much it.

We will treat your site with the same care we use on our own sites.

We Can Talk About It