Who Are We?

We are an Everett SEO company. We build, manage and promote websites for local small businesses.

What Will We Do For You?

Our job is to promote your business on the Web.

Most of the time, our efforts are focused on promoting your business website, but we can also try to drive more customers to your business even if you don’t have a website yet.

Our goal is to increase the online visibility of your business in the Everett, WA and Snohomish County area. And then you get more prospective customers calling you. That’s about it — we try to increase your sales leads.

Why Choose Us?

  • You know where we are — we’re just up in Bellingham.
  • Experience — we’ve been doing this since 1999.
  • Affordable prices — you pick what you want to pay.
  • Flexibility — alter your monthly budget anytime you want.
  • No contracts or strings — you can stop at any time.
  • We treat your site just like it’s our own site.
  • We go safe and slow — no risky tactics with your site.
  • Trust us — we’ll always give you the facts.
  • You’re gonna like getting more customers.

What We Charge

We don’t charge a high random monthly fee. We charge a flat $47-an-hour for our services.

You simply buy as many hours a month as you like, from one hour a month to 100. You can vary the number of hours each month if you want. Want to skip a month once in a while? No problem.

These billable work hours are time when we are actually working hard on your behalf. You do not pay for any of the time we spend on administrative chores such as producing monthly reports or sending invoices. You pay only for the work that actually produces results.

Did You Get an Estimate From Some Everett SEO Service?

Does that estimate seem a little on the high side?

Not sure what to do?

Wish you had a second opinion?

Too bad there isn’t someone you could call — oh wait, there is.

A Little About Us

My name is Brian Hanson and, several years ago, a friend called me a “site promotion coach” and that nickname has kind of stuck with me ever since. Maybe that’s kind of dumb, but it is what it is.

Brian Hanson - Everett WA Search Engine Optimization Expert
I began designing websites and doing online affiliate marketing way back in 1998 after I got out of graduate school.

Before I knew it, my little weekend business was making me twice what my boss was paying me at my job. So I started doing it full time.

Affiliate marketing involves attracting groups of online viewers and then putting those viewers in front of companies, products and services that they might find interesting.

And in this kind of business, if you can’t attract a lot of Web traffic, you won’t make any money. You have to either find out how to get a steady stream of focused Website visitors every day or you will simply have to go find a different line of work.

In my case — I learned how to generate lots of traffic.

And by building many different websites, and testing and managing them every day, year after year, a person ends up learning quite a bit.

Affiliate marketing still remains a big part of my business, but it is also a rather solitary endeavor. And solitary is okay, but after working in it for more than 15 years, a person can get a little restless. That’s why I put this website together.

Everett SEO Services

These days, I really enjoy getting together and working with local businesses (including Everett, Marysville and Mount Vernon) and trying to help them build and improve their online marketing efforts in order to generate a bigger stream of new clients and customers.

If you already have a website that does a good job of turning visitors into customers, we can help you get more visitors to it by safely improving your website’s natural search engine rankings through search engine optimization.

If you don’t have a website, we can still work with you by sending calls directly to your phone or by building you a nice, inexpensive website that helps generate more business.

Our full-service Everett SEO agency work involves a variety of services including website editing, website content creation, citation building, writing press releases, building quality links from trusted partners and reputation management through the promotion of good reviews over bad reviews.

We can promote your website without ever needing to actually work directly on your website.

We won’t need to change your current website one bit. We won’t even need access to it.

This hands-off approach or “off-site promotion” can be all your site actually needs to get the little boost to rank better and pull in more free traffic.

A Word of Caution

However, even if you decide that I’m not the guy you want on your team, be careful when you hire any Seattle or Everett consultant to do search engine optimization work for your business.

While most of the best Seattle or Everett SEO companies are really great, some of the other companies might be a little reckless or careless with your site. Some are still employing the old tactics that may initially appear to help your site, but will eventually do harm to your site’s rankings and reputation with Google and the other search engines as the month go on.

Don’t risk your business’s long-term reputation by signing up with one of the Everett SEO services you aren’t sure about.

This is your business. Play the long game.

The bottom line is your website is vital to your business. We will never do anything to it that the search engines will disagree with. This includes no untrusted, risky or cheap tactics.

We work on your site with the same care we use on our own websites.

You have my word on that.

If you don’t know which one of the Washington State SEO services to hire (and you don’t want to work with me), you can still feel free to ask me my opinion of any other local firm or ask for a recommendation. My feelings might be hurt a little bit, but that’s okay, I’m a big boy.

Where We Like to Work

I live up in the Bellingham, Washington, area, just off I-5 near the Canadian border. (If you meet someone from border patrol, you’ve gone too far. I’ve missed that last exit once or twice myself.)

If it’s convenient, maybe we could get together or talk on the phone and discuss what you want to do with your website.

Communities We Work In:

  • Everett
  • Marysville
  • Arlington
  • Lake Stevens
  • Mount Vernon
  • Anacortes
  • Sedro-Wooley
  • Burlington

Here’s What You Will Get:

You’ll get solid, targeted search engine rankings

When people are searching online for a company that performs the kind of services that your business offers, you have to make sure your business is one of the few sites that show up on the first page of the Google, Yahoo and Bing listings.

We’re pretty good at this.

We’ve been doing this kind of thing for years.

No Contracts or Long Commitments

There are no long-term agreements or complicated written contracts that you have to show your lawyer. We start work on your handshake or verbal agreement.

Piece of Mind and a Good Partner

When you have a SEO expert on your team, you will always have someone you can call and discuss any web marketing problem or topic any time you want.

We can handle all your business Web stuff. You won’t have to deal with it any more.

And we will treat your site with the same care we spend on our own sites.

Look, having a business on the Internet is kind of like playing in a pretty serious game that lasts for many years. In this game, the winners walk away with more money than the non-winners do.

It’s okay to have some minor setbacks along the way. You can’t win every battle. But you goal should be to be one of the winners in the end.

Our goal is to help you win the Internet game.