Mount Vernon

Small Business Marketing & Mount Vernon WA SEO Service

We are a small Western Washington firm. We build and promote websites for other Skagit County and Washington State small businesses.

What’s In it For You?

Well, what we do is pretty simple — We promote your business on the Web.

Most of the time, our work involves promoting your business website. But for companies that haven’t set up a website yet, we can still work that will send you more new customers.

The problem you face is similar to what most small businesses face — Not everyone knows about your company’s services.

We try to change that. We try to increase that awareness and get more new prospective customers to call you when they need you.

Why Partner With Us?

  • We’re local — Why Work With an Expensive Seattle firm?
  • We’ll always tell you the truth.
  • We’re experienced — we started doing this in 1999.
  • No contracts — you can pause or stop at any time.
  • We play it safe — no risky SEO tactics.
  • Affordable rates — you can pick your service level.
  • We treat your business just like it’s our own business
  • Total flexibility — change your monthly plan anytime you want.

What Will It Cost Me?

We don’t charge a set-up cost or a high monthly fee for our services. We charge a flat hourly rate.

You simply decide how many hours per month you want to buy. You can even do just one hour a month.

We examine your business and prioritize what needs to be done. We simply start with the most important steps and get it done.

And our work hours are actually time spend working on your behalf. You don’t pay for administrative chores such as invoice preparation or phone time. We aren’t lawyers. You pay only for the work that actually produces results.

How Do Most WA SEO Services Work?

Most big city SEO companies try to get a bunch of money up front. And they try to get as much money as they can for as many months as you can afford. And most of those deals are done with contracts. That’s why many of those arrangements end as soon as the contract is up.

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with the SEO firms that work this way. I’m not saying that those firms aren’t doing a good job.

But, I am saying that those types of plans don’t work for lots of small businesses.

Most small businesses would benefit more from a plan that is lower priced and won’t get abandoned. One that builds their business slowly and consistently. One they can budget for. One that doesn’t cause a dramatic spike in costs or an unexpected spike in customer requests that they can’t fulfill.

My Background

Back before 2000, I started building small web sites and making money through online affiliate marketing.

Brian Hanson - Mount Vernon SEO ExpertIn affiliate marketing, you need to generate a lot of Web traffic, or you will go out of business in a hurry.

Fortunately, I learned how to get lots of traffic.

And by building and experimenting with lots of different sites every week, year after year, even a guy like me ends up learning quite a bit about it.

I still have my affiliate marketing business, but these days, I like working with local small business owners in order to help them improve their marketing choices. I try to help increase their online customer lead generation process.

My work might include building a brand new website; putting together a second complimentary website in order to double a company’s new customers; or, more commonly, just improving an existing site’s search engine rankings through using our trusted search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

– Let’s Talk About It –

If your small business needs a website, I can build one.

I will quickly produce a simple and effective website that clearly promotes your business’s key benefits and services. The main goal of this new website will be to attract and convert casual visitors into new clients or customers.

We want to get that curious visitor to pick up the phone or send an email. That’s the goal behind the new site.

So if you already have a good site, you are a step ahead, but we can help you get even more visitors to it.

And relax, all of the online marketing and search engine optimization work we do utilizes strictly trusted and time-tested methods only. We don’t do any risky stuff.

These tactics can include site editing, page or article writing, content additions, citation authoring, review building, quality link building and working to maintain a great company reputation.

And it’s also possible that we can promote your business without actually needing to access or change your website at all.

If you already have a nice, attractive site, we can often do all of our work without needing any access to your current website at all. We won’t need to change anything on it. All of our work will be done on the elements that impact how your site ranks.

This hands-off approach is probably all your site actually needs in order to rank a lot better and bring in more customers.

If you’re marketing budget is kind of tight, this can be a great option.

Mount Vernon SEO Consultant

I recommend you look around at all your options before hiring any Western Washington SEO agency.

Look, there are some talented SEO firms down there in King County. But you may also come across one or two that will take some chances with your site and be more reckless with your site than what I am comfortable with.

Some young firms use tools and tactics that make me uneasy. Some of these risky tactics may appear to initially work, but those improvements are often short-lived. Some questionable tactics end up harming your site and your reputation with Google.

It’s just not worth it. You don’t want to risk damaging your site’s reputation with Google.

Like us, we know your business and website are incredibly important to you. We would never undertake any search engine optimization strategy that the search engines would ever frown upon.

We give your site the same level of respect that we extend to our own sites.

Where Are We Located?

So we are based just a bit north of Skagit County in Ferndale, WA.

If it happens to be convenient for both of us, maybe we could get together and talk about what you want to do with your business.

It’s not necessary we meet in person. We both know how to use email and the phone. They work pretty good.

Get Your Company Great Long-Term Search Engine Rankings

When someone is on their phone or computer looking for a business that offers the services you offer, you want to make sure your website is one of the sites that shows up on that first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing.

We’re pretty good at doing this. We’ve been doing this for over a decade.

No Contract – No Long Commitment

We don’t need you to sign a written contract. Your handshake is good enough for us.

You get to choose the monthly budget that works for you.

Here’s How it Works

We talk on the phone. We come to an agreement. Then we get to work trying to get your business more phone calls and leads.

And you simply concentrate on doing your business. It’s that simple.

And we promise to treat your site with the same care we use on our own sites.